Not A Quiet Riot, These Colors


It all starts out with white.

Around our property, Springtime begins in late Winter with the blooms of diminuitive white Snowdrops.

Several Hellebores follow with their large white and dusty pink blossoms. With their early Spring gifts of color, they are the Spring Sentinels for me here, announcing that the full season is not far away and the brilliant display of color is soon to follow. Color-play begins with the species Crocus and small Iris bulbs, promising brighter and louder color with time.


And as promised, in April, the color explosion begins and can be found everywhere. Not a quiet riot, these colors….

The bright red bed of the species Primrose I grow only along the stone edged of a shaded garden shows me just how loud a color can be.

And then there are the intriguing blossoms of an Iris….

In several other gardens, I grow those intense deep purple colors, too. This dwarf Iris ‘Cherry Pop’ is a color study unto itself, with the variegation that bleeds and blends from red-violet to blue purple and into ultraviolet.

Clumps of ‘Cherry Pop’ grown with other irises, like the saffron yellow iris blooming along the sides of my greenhouse, are colors that beckon me to look closer to hear what they are showing. Not a quiet riot, these colors.

Such color harmony of yellow and purple reminds me of basic color theory, proving to the eye that yellow effectively harmonizes with purples. They are, after all, color opposites, but serve each other well working in color complements with one another.

From my back porch, a festival of purples has blended together into a color symphony. What I see, I almost hear: the fuschia-red tones from all of the Red Buds that grow around the woods edge have harmonized with my 20-year old Persian Lilacs, and the blending of the colors once again proves how color creates the relationship. This group is of similar colors, they are neighbors in color theory — so effective, so pleasing.

This is no quiet riot, yet these are the color sounds I have grown to know and appreciate. The plants that provide these color offerings are like old friends to me, coming to visit with their yearly gifts to teach me more about color harmony.

These gardens I tend are now a color burst of Springtime joy and with each Spring comes the beginning of a new cycle of remembrance of last year. The same colors burst, the same intensities, the same harmonizing effects. Not a quiet riot, these colors…

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3 Responses to “Not A Quiet Riot, These Colors”

  1. Violette Says:

    You are lucky to have grass, a yard and trees. I live in a highrise and don’t have any of them. Its beginning to bug me. Pun intended.

  2. Corina Says:

    Lovely photos, I love spring!

  3. Gayle Says:

    Your flowers are beautiful. It was nice to spend the morning in your garden. Those snowdrops are so pretty and your dwarf iris deserves a quilt of her own. I know gardens like that just don’t happen by accident. You are such a talented gardener.

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