Pattern Play

This is the first quilt that I fell in love with: a Log Cabin quilt that my Mother made in the 1970s. Some of the fabrics I recognize (one of the scraps came from a nightgown I had made).

This quilt was the head-turner that caught my attention. –lt really lit the passion inside me. This one (1975-1976) and Jinny Beyer’s Ray Of Light (1977) did it — they were the two quilts that impressed me so much that I began quilting. Once I started, I was hooked. And more than 30 years later, I’ve never stopped.


The use of a solid pale pink in building these Log Cabin blocks creates such a soft, muted design. In some ways, a complex pattern, in other ways, overly simplistic. And knowing my Mother she probably did not spend much time arranging the strips to look just so, or the blocks to look colorwashed.


What works for me is the subtle arrangement of colors and the pattern play in the variety of Log strips. What also works is the rhythm of the solid pink strips — randomly placed and unexpected, here & there. This is pattern play, when the eye continues to move here & there, following that rhythm, that connectedness.


Overall, the small 1-inch strips and the dainty pastel prints almost create the illusion of a cottage garden of pinks. And yes, she, too, is a gardener.

Imagine my delight when my Mother gave me her beautiful Log Cabin. Of course, after she handed it to me, the memories rushed forward and we talked excitedly about this quilt and some of the fabrics.

I have not used this quilt. This one will be passed down. We instinctively knew it. This one will be saved for the littlest one, my granddaughter….the great-granddaughter of the quiltmaker. Won’t it be grand to have a quilt label attached with the quiltmaker bequeathing her quilt to her great-granddaughter?

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3 Responses to “Pattern Play”

  1. virtualquilter Says:

    Beautiful, and just so delicate. Love the very subtle design which shows up in the whole quilt, but isn’t visible in the blocks.
    Jinny Beyer lit my pasion in quilts and designs in The Scrap Look, and it is still the biggest influence on my fabric choices.
    Judy B

  2. Gayle Says:

    Remarkable quilt and beautifully written post. I love visiting your blog.

  3. rlbates Says:


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