Color Round The Corner

Last Monday I stitched up some retro prints from the Hello Betty fabric line.

I thought I’d make some off-center Log Cabin traditional blocks with those fabrics, using a Katie Jump Rope fabric for the corner square. These festive prints were so fun to stitch and I worked them to the tunes of Glenn Miller and the Andrew Sisters.

I smile at this garish combo.


I loved sewing pink next to red, red next to green, color to color, round and round the corner. Soooo retro….

Short on border fabric with some leftover strips, I made do with what I had, improvised, and used the strips along the sides.


When I was ready to add the binding, I REALLLLY wanted to repeat the Katie Jump Rope print. I used up my half-yard cut of the Katie Jump Rope print. I love that phrase: Katie Jump Rope….it’s ponytails and patent leather shoes stuff.

Finished, the quilt measures 42″ x 58″.

The backing on this quilt is reminiscent of many quilts from the vintage-era: wonderfully plain-Jane. I made my plain-Jane backing with the same off-white Kona cotton used in the front sashing and inner border. The panto I used is a 7-inch wide design called Antique Lace by Patricia Ritter. It shows nicely on a solid backing.


(I hope readers can overlook the bold blog-name on the quilt photo, but I’m being forced into this. I have had several new Internet thieves who are stealing my photos for online business ventures. )

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One Response to “Color Round The Corner”

  1. Magik Quilter Says:

    Wonderful quilt and love the plain jane backing. I found a lot of soft furnishing stores online were using my upholstery throw photos…very annoying…you can make this etc…no attribution naturally and no asking for permission. Hope this works for you.

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