Laura Wheeler: Basket Of Daisies

The vintage-era patterns that were published under the trade name Laura Wheeler include patchwork and applique quilt patterns, crochet, embroidery, doll patterns, and other forms of needlework. Some of the patterns contained black and white diagrams with the instructions. Some patterns, like this one for a bedspread, contained inked transfers to iron the design onto fabric.

Bedspread Basket of Daisies 

This Basket of Daisies bedspread motif is a Laura Wheeler transfer (Pattern No. 1334). The design was created for embroidery work and when made for a bedspread, the basket motif would be worked in the center of the bedspread. 

3 Responses to “Laura Wheeler: Basket Of Daisies”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Do you know where I can buy a Laura Wheeler pattern? My mom is looking for a replacement of the one she has…any ideas?

  2. doris Says:

    so beautiful,, my grandma ha d a bedspread all cotton with the see bouquets her and there on it,,
    lovely to see it again and remember

  3. Mary Leschied Says:

    Feb.1,2012 I found a paper clipping in my late mothers scrap box It is from a German paper but cannot identify the paper or the date.The pattern for an appliqued butterfly is shown.”Laura Wheeler ” #515 . Is this pattern available anywhere today ? Would be interested in doing it.Thankyou for this website Mary

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