Laura Wheeler Patterns

A number of vintage Laura Wheeler ads and patterns were given to me. The advertisement blurbs are a delight to read. 

Old-Fashioned Nosegay Pattern No. 486 

Old-Fashioned Nosegay

The Old-Fashioned Nosegay is one of those patterns that needs no explanation. Its quaint charm — its colorfulness — would make it outstanding in any collection of quilts. The very fact that it is made of scraps of material enhances its beauty for was not the old-time nosegay that inspired it formed of all the varieties of flowers that the old-fashioned garden boasted of? It can be made with the same scraps, repeated in each block as illustrated, or with each block made of different scraps like so many different bouquets.

Ann’s Scrap Quilt Pattern No. 600

When a quiltmaker chooses a pattern, she wants more than an economical and easy-to-make quilt. It must be attractive as well and one which she will always be proud to possess.

Ann’s Scrap Quilt is just such a quilt. Economical, in that leftover pieces of material form the flower — it is best to use the same scraps in one block. Simple in that the patches grouping themselves into squares and triangles are easy to join. The illustration shows how lovely a design it is, thus fulfilling all the needlewoman’s requirements.

10 Responses to “Laura Wheeler Patterns”

  1. rockie burns Says:

    looking for your apron pattern no 641

  2. Lynn Says:

    Thank you for your inquiry. Although Laura Wheeler Designs include household and garment patterns, I have not collected them. You might try looking at the online auction sites. Good luck!

  3. Kathi Waite Says:

    What years were Laura Wheeler Designs produced? I had a customer drop off an envelop with one of her designs.. It belongs to his wife’s grandmother.. I am trying to give him a “time line” as to how old these quilts and designs might be. Any help in researching this for him would be GREATLY appreciated.. His wife is in a nursing home with Alzheimers.. he is an amazing man.. great love for his wife and her family.

  4. Robin Hempel Says:

    I met someone who found out out I was a quilter. She gave me a number of finsihed blocks, fabric and patterns her mother gave her, but she never did any thing with them. Included was an old quilt pattern that I am trying to figure out an approximate date on. It is a Laura Wheeler Designs, Pride of the Garden, pattern 817. The blocks are all applique of tulips.

    Any idea where I might be able to get some additional information.


  5. Mary Ann Mahurin Says:

    I was given a finished quilt top – Laura Wheeler Designs OLD FASHIONED NOSEGAY pattern # 1323.
    The envelope shows that it was ordered from THE OREGONIAN NEEDLECRAFT DEPARTMENT – Portland, Ore.
    Envelope is cancelled – San Francisco, Calif. US Postage 1 cent– no date

    Thank you for sharing. I am looking forward to getting this quilt finished.

  6. Lynn Says:

    Greetings, Mary Ann. Aren’t you so lucky to have a Nosegay quilt top. I believe that pattern is my favorite from that era!! I bet the fabrics are so cheerful!

  7. Dolly Silvola Says:

    In February/March 2011 of “Quilters Newsletter” I noticed your pattern “Rainbow Flower” and loved it. I was going to make a sample first before going ahead with making a quilt and just can’t figure out how to start piecing this pattern together or how to finish the quilt — there are no directions nor a picture of this pattern made up into a quilt
    Would it be possible to E-Mail me the directions–I really love it and would like to make it? Thanks so much.

  8. Clara Baker Says:

    Dear Laura,
    On another sight I saw your add for a vintage 1930’s crochet pattern for “The Lord’s Last Supper”. Cost is $6.99. I am interested in purchasing this pattern, but was unable to open the link for purchasing.

    Thank you for your time.

  9. Maxine Funk Says:

    Hi Just recently received an unfinished Laura Wheeler Design Tree of Life quilt. It calls for 30 blocks and the original quilter had 20 done. I would like to know when Laura Wheelers Designs were published or at a least and estimate. One of the pattern pieces from cardstock is an old postcard with a Nov, 1933 post mark.
    Any ideas?

  10. Karen Wawrosch Says:

    I have been looking for the Laura Wheeler pattern #600 for quite some time. Would you be interested in selling it? Please let me know. thanks.

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