Laura Wheeler: Southern Belle Design

The vintage-era patterns that were published under the trade name Laura Wheeler include patchwork and applique quilt patterns, crochet, embroidery, doll patterns, and other forms of needlework. some of the patterns contained black and white diagrams with the instructions. Some patterns contained inked transfers to iron the design onto fabric.

Wheeler 742 

This Southern Belle is a Laura Wheeler transfer (Pattern No. 742). The design was created for embroidery or cutwork. Delicate, isn’t it?

The Southern Belle measures 14″ by 17″.

3 Responses to “Laura Wheeler: Southern Belle Design”

  1. carin becker Says:

    Hi Just wanted to thank you for sharing. I was not aware of Laura Wheeler before. I am a quilter and have a kitchen & bath design business so quilting is my addiction. I am always so happy meeting and sharing with other quilters, they are so giving.
    I will look at more Laura Wheeler, thanks again

  2. Cheryl Simpson Says:

    I have just discovered Fiber Fantasies and was wondering if you have a cross stitch pattern from a Crinoline Lady / Southern Belle. I am going mad trying to find one. Thanks, Cheryl

  3. lesley Says:

    I have some of the southern bells that are silver in colour for transfer. Does anyone know if I should be worried about lead? And what year is this from? I only have the postage amount to go by. Thank you

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